Training and Development

The Pursuit of Knowledge

We recognize that learning does not end in law school, and we are committed to providing our attorneys with ample training opportunities to assist with their professional development and growth. Associates receive substantial and direct client contact early in their careers at HSE. We staff our matters with small teams of attorneys, and consequently, associates gain hands-on experience more quickly than at other firms.

 Professional Development

     In addition to the learning opportunities inherent in our day-to-day practice and the feedback and mentoring that take
     place in the course of a case, transaction, or other matter, we also offer a curriculum of in-house formal training
     programs that assist in the development of substantive knowledge and lawyering skills. Our training in substantive law
     is aligned with our individual practice areas, and our focus is on interactive, hands-on training to provide the most
     effective learning platform. Examples of our interactive training include programs focused on essential lawyering skills 
     such as negotiation, communication, presentation, understanding contracts, drafting, legal writing, and deposition skills.

     Each incoming associate participates in HSE 101, a series of programs designed to ease the transition from law school
     to the practice of law and provide a roadmap for success at the firm. Thereafter, we provide multi-disciplinary programs
     to meet the needs of our associates at each step of their career.

 Continuing Legal Education: HSE is a NYS Accredited Provider

     Each attorney is encouraged to attend and participate in continuing legal education programs on a range of subjects
     conducted internally and by outside experts in his/her field. HSE has teamed with ALI-CLE to provide legal staff with
     unlimited access to ALI-ABA online content through HSE’s Knowledge Portal.


    Our mentor program is designed to help incoming associates navigate their careers and realize their full potential.
    The program pairs each associate with a formal partner mentor who provides advice, feedback, and counsel with
    respect to both the practice of law and one’s progression and development within the firm.

 Performance Review Process

     To assist our associates with meeting their career development goals, we provide formal feedback through our annual
     Associate Performance Review process. With the use of associate self-evaluations as a starting point, each practice
     group collects feedback from attorneys with whom the associate has worked. Review meetings with the associates
     are held to discuss the associate’s goals and objectives and to provide detailed feedback regarding the associate’s 
     performance. Follow-up support in the form of one-on-one coaching is provided by our Manager of Professional
     Development to assist our associates with their continued development.

     To support further growth and progression to partnership, fifth and seventh year associates also receive a Partnership
     Progression Review; a forward-looking review that focuses on partnership advancement. A member of our Associate
     Evaluation Committee interviews a wide group of attorneys and provides detailed guidance on the associate’s
     development priorities.